Mixing things up a bit (by Vicky)

After using the digital sewing machine and getting to grips a bit more with the software in order to use digital drawings with the equipment. I thought I’d give the digital side a rest and do something a bit more analogue style! I decided to give Cyanotypes a try and took up the opportunity to do a workshop which Greenfield were offering over summe with artist Jilly Greenwood. I’d done cyanotypes previously with ready made paper but I was keen to explore the process involving making the solution and applying it to different surfaces.

post 6 vicky 1

It turned out to be a very simple process of mixing two solutions together – ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide and then brushing it on to the surface which would later have the image exposed on to it. An acetate ‘negative’ is used to expose the image on to the painted surface in either strong daylight or under a UV exposure unit.

post 6 vicky 2

The ideas I’m exploring at the minute around lace/doilly patterns and creating either images or surfaces layered with these patterns could have potential for bringing cyanotype experiments into that.

post 6 vicky 3


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