ipad drawings & magnets

Today was a day for experimenting in the shed for me – a rainy day with funny light!

post 4 ipad 1

I was on my own in the shed, as we are all very busy at the moment – but this meant I could flit from one piece of equipment to another without annoying anyone!

post 3 anna 2

I had done some drawings on my ipad and wanted to test printing them large scale – I discovered that paper quality is paramount to success in this!

post 4 ipad 2

I also wanted to try some more magnets on the heat press – as I am delivering a workshop soon and wanted to be fully confident – most of them turned out ok but a couple didn’t work – wish I knew why!

post 4 ipad 3

My final experiment of the day was a printed bag – using a synthetic material I haven’t tried before – I’ll save you the joy of an image, but lets just say, it melted.

The other shedheads and myself are having an exhibition in November – so we are all working hard – more updates coming soon!


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