Finally a day just about being in The Shed! (by Anna)

(re-post from the original Shed Heads blog)

After a busy few months doing projects, getting set up and testing the equipment I finally got to spend a day today in The Shed printing/making & testing – yay!

post 3 anna 1

I’ve been working on some fabric designs for digital print and wanted to test them on some of the great sub products we have.

post 3 anna 4

Today I tried coasters and magnets, having tested mugs and fabric previously – they worked great! This is my “Paris lights” design – colour not yet final but a great start.

post 3 anna 5

Having drawn the design with illustrator (and flipped it, though this isn’t totally necessary with this design as it won’t look funny in reverse).

I’m still having trouble “filling” with colour in illustrator with curved shapes – but this design is working great!

post 3 anna 3

Next step…. laser cutter!


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