Becoming a Shed Head!

Being part of the the group of artists at Greenfield Arts Centre to look at how the equipment can be used and allowing us to come and develop our own work has been great, we’ve even had an Arty Party to showcase our first efforts and share what we’re doing

post 5 vicky 1

Initially I had to develop my basic knowledge of design software to allow me to develop more complex imagery for use on the digital equipment here, which includes a digitial sewing machine and a laser cutter.

post 5 vicky 2

My first attempt was taking an ink drawing from being a page in sketchbook through to a digitial drawing. I did this by scanning the drawing turning it into a jpeg, which I then opened in Photoshop to alter the contrast levels, it was then taken into Illustrator CS6 where I re-drew the lines which I wanted to keep (this took a while for me to get the hang of it and lots of questions to Anna!). This was then saved as a vector file and then to make it compatible with the sewing machine it was opened as a JEF file.

post 5 vicky 3

After I’d done all that it was really then down to the sewing machine to do the rest and after attaching the fabric to the hoop it did all the sewing in about 20 minutes – there were a couple of re-threads I had to do when the thread snapped but other than that I was quite please with the results.

I think I’ll use the digital sewing machine again to make more layered works, maybe combining some print techniques with stitched elements overlaid and stretching the finished peice over a canvas frame


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