Shed Heads – by Nicola

(re-posted from the initial shed heads blog)

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My my, how time flies when you’re having #shedhead fun! It doesn’t seem like two minutes since we were being shown the fabulous Laser cutter. That was way back in February!

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Using the facilities in The Shed has been my main focus over the months to date. What with CRB/DBS checks, I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the Laser Cutter as of yet, but plan to explore some new was of working with that. Should be exciting!

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The A2 printer has come in handy for larger format prints for the Salford Zine Library Exhibition we had on as Navigator North ( I plan to experiment with this further when creating my Cykel Zine, a personal project around cycling. This is still a work in progress, but I am hoping that the more I use the Shed, I will focus on this project. I think it’s been a case of sussing out how everything works in a simple way, before experimenting further and pushing the boundaries a little more. Having also experimented with the sublimation printer and sussed out how to print things (it’s pretty simple), I think a development of layers and restitching/working parts would be interesting. It is also important to reverse your design (a simple and foolish mistake to make, which I have done too many times!). Will I ever learn?

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The vector workshop run by our Chief Shedhead, Anna, was great. It got everyone on track for creating work which can be used on the mighty sewing machine, along with the laser cutter. I think this is an essential skill for people to have to be able to use the equipment, as it opens up more possibilities in terms of artwork design and obviously possibilities on both the sewing machine and laser cutter.

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The sewing machine is a tricky one. Luckily our techy Shedhead James is a bit of a whizz with the old technical side of things, so with him experimenting and making a few mistakes, it was a far easier process to get it working for my design of a bicycle wheel. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a longer process to stitch a design than the ‘stitch time’ promises, but with some tinkering I think I could achieve some interesting stuff.

All in all, it’s been a grand #shedhead Residency experience so far. I’m looking forward to the Arty Party and talking about what we’ve been up to. I also need to get cracking on some laser cutting soon!




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